John Lazarsfeld


john.lazarsfeld [at]


I am a fourth year PhD student in computer science at Yale, advised by James Aspnes.

My research interests are broadly in algorithms, TCS, and data science, including:

Previously, I studied at Tufts in the computer science post-baccalaureate program, advised by Lenore Cowen. My undergrad was in economic sociology, also at Yale, advised by Fred Wherry.


For the Winter/Spring 2023 semester, I will be a visitor at IST Austria working with Dan Alistarh.

In Summer 2022, I interned with the privacy-preserving machine learning research group at Meta in NYC, where I collaborated with Sen Yuan and Huanyu Zhang.




Member of Yale CS Graduated Student Advisory Council (2022)

Graduate Student Representative on Yale CS Climate & Diversity Committee (2020-2021)

Franklin College Graduate Affiliate (2020-)

Last Updated: December 2022